Kay started her comedy journey in 2016. Her life as a single thirty-something with a passion for big, tattooed men and extreme sports, provides endless inspiration for her material. She writes punchy gags and can spend hours a day inventing eccentric comedy characters - a talent which has lead to at least one dismissal and two written warnings from her employers.


Andy writes carefully crafted jokes about supermarkets and scout leaders, all delivered in a world weary style that makes Jack Dee seem rather jolly. He is well known for wearing a suit on stage. Aside from looking debonair (his words), he believes that if nobody finds him funny, at least his mum will be proud. Andy seldom wears a hat.

Nicholas SHAUN

Nick likes to dream. One day he sees himself performing live at The Apollo. Sadly, the closest he'll ever get to achieving this goal, is if a Greek taverna opens up on Tring high street. He has pulled off some assured performances in numerous pubs in the local area and was once invited to perform in Sweden - to an audience who, it became apparent halfway through his act, only spoke Swedish. While he's happy with his reputation as a dreamer, he's less pleased about being a bedwetter.


Jenny has real talent, a fact deservedly recognised by the BBC no less. She is a joke writer for numerous Radio 4 shows such as Newsjack and The News Quiz. When the host says something funny, there's a good chance it's one of Jenny Laville's nuggets tumbling from his mouth. In her spare time she performs stand up to eager audiences up and down the land. Jenny has been known to dress up as Wonder Woman for reasons that remain uncertain.


Ross first discovered his ability to make people laugh, when he played guitar to customers in the music shop he managed. Switching codes from strings to vocals, he realised he was a natural with the microphone too.​ A consummate public speaker, Ross entertains audiences with elaborate tales of derring-do and thorough organisation, largely based on his experiences with OCD. To save him counting, this paragraph contains sixty nine words.


David started gigging in 2013. He used to tell long winded stories about dead birds and irritable bowel syndrome which, much like an asthmatic boxer, left little impression. But he has funny bones and soon after adopted a short, sharp style with sets packed full of one-liners and unexpected twists. Audiences lap it up and David has unquestionably found his comedy mojo.

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